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Leaders at the Start of the Decade were : 
Group Scout Leader : Mark Steele
Beavers : Helen Brown, Karen Wooliscroft,
Cubs : Phil Marks, John Ryan-Viggars, Simon Marsh,  Lisa Stec, Steve Dono
Scouts : Andy Martin, Nick Haynes, Kevin Hodgkinson, Greg Julian, Colin Brown, 

January 2010
The Scouts took part in two Music related outings, they spent the afternoon at BBC Radio Stoke, they visited the BBC studios in Hanley and saw what goes into creating a radio show. During the tour the on-air presenter did a shout-out…….

Click to play audio clip at Radio Stoke

Scouts also visited Stoke on Trent City Music and Performing Arts Service – “Gigajam”. “Gigajam” uses special instruments plugged into computers, allowing people to record a piece of music into the machine’s memory using special guitars, drum kits and keyboards. “Gigajam” then tells the musician which sections of the music they got wrong, and helps them to correct any mistakes. Here are a few videos of the practice sessions

February 2010
The Cubs Winter Sleepover included a hike to Trentham Park to build shelters, activities to complete the Global Challenge Badge, campfire, fire lighting and backwoods cooking.

Cub Sleepover Feb 2010

March 2010
Scouts went on camp to Beaudesert, Cannock Chase, and Colin Crown joined as an Assistant Scout Leader

Mark Steele resigned and Andy Martin took over as Group Scout Leader.

April 2010
It was a glorious weekend for a Cub camp in April, compared to last year when it rained ! The Cubs (and leaders !) enjoyed crate stacking, assault course, hiking, making swords and shields, making St.George costumes, camp fire, medieval banquet, and much more. (The bird in the pictures, a buzzard I believe, was flying around in the field as we were eating out snack – what a wonderful sight)

Cub Camp Easter 2010

May 2010
Scouts went on a hike around Trentham Park and finished off the Communicators badge, looking at the Phonetic alphabet, morse code, mobile phone safety.

June 2010
Beaudesert was the venue for this years Group Camp. The Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Leaders took part in loads of activities such as archery, orienteering, visit to the farm, greasy pole, water slide, initiative games, hike, treasure hunt and a mass wide game.
At the campfire everyone took part by performing in a sketch and of course singing all the songs.

Group Camp June 2010

October 2010
Trentham Beavers again joined up with other District groups for a Halloween themed sleepover

Beavers Sleepover Oct 2010

The Cubs also had a sleepover, the theme was cooking. All Cubs planned, prepared and cooked a 3 course meal on the Saturday them on Sunday cooked over an open fire “Backwoods Cooking” We also had a hike in Trentham Park, a camp fire, a football competition and a games night

Cub Sleepover Oct 2010

November 2010
The Beavers invited the Cubs to join them for a Bonfire Night Party. This included making rocket posters, eating hot dogs, apple bobbing and a firework display

Joint Beaver & Cub Firework Party Nov 10

December 2010
The year ended with a joint Christmas meeting which included festive hymns, nativity plays and stories and a disco. New Cubs and Scouts were also invested.

Christmas Concert 2010

This year 7 Beavers, 5 Cubs and 4 Scouts gained their Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. They attended the special District Presentation Evening in Jan 2011 and were awarded certificates from The Lord Major, Scouting CC and DC.

2010 Chief Scout Awardees


We published a newsletter at the end of January

Newsletter Jan 2011

February 2011
Scouts went ice skating

March 2011
The Scientist badge was the theme for the weekend, Cubs took part in “Experiments” and activities based around the Physical and Natural World, plus of course the traditional campfire, wide game and hike !

Cub sleepover March 2011

April 2011
Although there are reports of Scouting taking place in Trentham since 1915 the Group was officially registered at the end of 1940. In April 2011, we held an Activity Day to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Group; the day also included our AGM. To help us celebrate this landmark in our history, all Beavers/Cubs/Scouts and parents were invited to the event which included a short AGM, a BBQ tea and a traditional camp fire. All sections had the opportunity to sleepover on the Saturday night (Beavers in the Scout House and Cubs and Scouts in tents in the field)

70th Anniversary

June 2011
Scouts went “Geocaching”, which is an activity that makes it fun to go hiking! It is like treasure hunting but more high tech because you have the element of new technology like the iphone and GPS. Geocache boxes are scattered all around the world so people in any country can go searching for them, they can then put stuff in and record their name in a log book.The containers you can find whilst geocaching are sometimes like mini time capsules. On the first attempt Phoenix Patrol recently went geocaching in Trentham Park and it was reasonably successful, we found 4 out of 5 containers.The first we found was under the roots of a tree in the middle of a grove. The second cache was found under a bush next to a boundary fence to Trentham Gardens; this box was quite large and contained a compass, notebook and pen, Dora the Explorer keyring, a Simpson’s eraser and a bouncy ball. Within the ruins, the third cache was discovered. It was a film canister in a plastic bag; all that was in it was paper where people had recorded dates and names. Although we didn’t find the fourth we spent a long time looking and still had fun, some people looked harder than others!! We all finally headed to a cache called the banana tree, we found it was obvious how it got its name because it was bent and shaped like a banana.The trek back was a long one but it was worth it due to the fact that we found most of the geocaches we set out to get that night; the one that we couldn’t find didn’t make us any less enthusiastic.

Scouts Geocaching

Group Camp
This year we went to Kibblestone for our Group Camp. The theme was Sweden and Jamboree (as this year the World Jamboree is being held in Sweden). Other activities included caving, flag making, low ropes, orienteering, hiking, campfire, crate stacking, tree climbing and boat building and sailing.

2011 Group Camp

As part of their Animal Carers badge the Cubs visited Pets at Home for a talk about looking after pets, they all got to hold a selection of animals including a guinea pig and a lizard

Cubs at Pets at Home

July 2011
The Beavers learnt basic first aid and how to eat healthily

Beavers healthy eating and first aid

The Scouts hikes across Barlaston Downs, started our hike from the Plume of Feathers in Barlaston. 7 Scouts turned up and we set off. A mile into the hike we had a phone call from Teddy’s Dad to ask where we all were, so Greg ran back to get him, he did have to travel from Nantwich. Once back with the group we had a good 10 or 15 minutes to catch up. All the scouts did really well up and down the hills stopping off at the millennium point for a snack and a drink and photo shoot. The rain held of and we all arrived back at the Plume of Feathers with 5 minutes to spare. The total distance hiked was about 4 1/2 miles and it was for a Hike’s Away badge.

Scout Hike

September 2011

Our newsletter went out in September

Newsletter September 2011

In September Beavers welcomes two new helpers “Neptune” and “Saturn” – Ann Ludford & Simon Johnson would join the Beaver leadership team currently of Dave Butters-Peers, Helen Brown and Karen Wooliscroft.

Ann Ludford & Simon Johnson being invested into Beavers

The Cubs visited Beudesert for our Autumn camp and did archery, boating, climbing and karting

Cubs at Beaudesrt Sept 2011

November 2011
In November our Group; Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Leaders, paraded to Trentham Church to join the congregation in a Service of Remembrance. Our Beavers made poppies especially for the day.

2011 Remembrance Parade to Trentham Church

December 2011
The Beavers visited a local Nursing Home and Santa visited them at our Christmas Party

Beavers Xmas Party & visit to nursing home

Our term and year concluded with a fantastic Carol Concert once again with our friends at Trentham Church


January 2012
In January 2012 we opened our second Beaver section “Red Colony” and our second Cub Pack “Red Pack”

Red Colony Beavers

February 2012
A newsletter was given out in February

Newsletter Feb 2012

March 2012
The Red and Gold Beavers Colonies came together to learn about Water Safety. Ladies from the Inland Waterways generously came to talk to the Beavers about being safe when close to canals and rivers. The Beavers also made hats and decorated plates. 

Water Safety Night

On a sunny day in March… Beavers had their Pirate themed Beaver Bash. Beavers from the 2 Colonies dressed up as pirates, played pirates games, ate from Captain Blackbeard’s table, searched for treasure and earned themselves golden coins It was a brilliant day… so good that we hope to do it all over again soon..  

Beaver Bash March 2012

April 2012
We published a newsletter in April

Newsletter April 2012

Our annual meeting and fun day included several fun activities, games and the opening of The Jubilee Gardens – A piece of waste land at the side of the HQ which has been re-vamped by garden designer Steve Dono. The memorial stones were relocated to the centre of the garden and a new bench purchased in memory of Scout Chris Pinnock. The garden was part funded by Chris Booth who ran a marathon in memory of his Dad, Akela Alan Booth. The garden also contains large raised beds for the Scouts to grow fruit and veg, a lawned area for playing on and a paved area for a greenhouse

The 2 Beaver Colonies came together, this time for a trip down to the woods for some fabulous Den Building… Also to officially welcome 2 new leaders to the Trentham Scout Group..  Mars and Neptune were invested. 

Beavers in the woods April 2012

May 2012
Our Group Camp was at Kibblestone again this year, all the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts enjoyed a weekend full of activities including archery, rafting, tree climbing, bunting making, abseiling and our own version of the Olympic Games. Not forgetting the usual wide games and campfire sing songs and skits

Group Camp 2012

June 2012
We all lined the streets waving flags and cheering to welcome the Olympic Torch into Stoke on Trent.

Torch Relay June 2012

Trentham Scout Group were one of only a few groups in the country chosen to be part of the Diamond Jubilee Procession in London in June 2012. We had to leave at 3.30am to be in place in the special “Youth Enclosure”. From our vantage point on The Mall we saw the Royal Family and the Procession. Afterwards, we were at the front of the public procession to walk down The Mall to stand in front of Buckingham Palace and cheer the Queen when she appeared on the balcony with her family.

In London for the Jubilee

July 2012
Scouts camped out in Trentham and enjoyed a day boating on the lake

Scouts Water Camp 2012

September 2012
We opened a second Scout Troop in September..Red Troop, meaning there was now 2 sections in Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.

This term the Cubs visited Stoke City’s Britannia Stadium for a guided tour, did wall climbing and visited a sports hall to play basketball, football and badminton – not forgetting the wonderful Greg’s “Rock Fitness Night !”

Our newsletter was published in September

Newsletter September 2012

October 2012
The Trentham Beaver Knights made camp at the Kibblestone Lair in the woods for the weekend. (Beavers had a great time taking parts in lots of medieval activities and built a medieval fort!)

Beavers Medieval camp Kibblestone

For the Autumn camp this year the Cubs also stayed in Kibblestone’s Cub Lair. The Cubs took part in crate stacking, assault course, wide games, campfires, outdoor cooking and all achieved their Chef Badge

Cubs at Kibblestone Oct 2012

November 2012
Some of our Scouts attended a Parliamentary Quiz in London

December 2012
All the recipients of the Chief Scout Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards took part in a Presentation Evening in Jan 2013 receiving a certificate from the Lord Mayor and Scouting Dignitories

2012 Chief Scout Awardees


January 2013

Newsletter January 2013

The Group saw a number of changes with regards to leaders and Executive members in the latter part of 2012 for various reasons, sadly we say goodbye to a few, but we did say a welcome to more volunteers. A huge thank you to all those leaving us, Dave Butters-Peers from Gold Colony, Annette Logan and Simon Marsh from Gold Pack. On the plus side a big welcome to Esther Harrison-Cloke as our new Group Secretary, Louise BentleyJones joining the Executive Committee to support the group in fundraising

February 2013
Beavers held a “Scottish Night” in February

Beavers Scottish Night

District Swimming Gala
Trentham, Cubs 1st, Scouts 2nd, Overall WINNERS- 4th year running

March 2013
March 2013 saw Cubs first camp at Stanley Head, the weather was amazing and the Cubs did archery, climbing, hiking, fire lighting, cooking and played lots of games.

Cubs at Stanley Head

In true Trentham Beaver style, nearly all the Beavers turned out for the Super Hero/Space themed Beaver Bash and sleepover in March. They made space mobiles, back packs and masks etc. In teams they constructed Spaceships ready for the Space battle outside. In the afternoon the Beavers decorated biscuits, had a disco and played party games. To finish off they had a couple of games of dodge ball and watched 2 DVDs..!!! All that in one day!!