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History for the 90’s is limited, what is available will be uploaded as soon as received, but if anyone has any information or photos please let us know.

At the starts of the 90’s the Group was quite large, with a Venture Unit, two Scout Troops, Two Cub Packs and a Beaver Colony.


On 17th July 1991 the Cub Pack meeting was filmed. This film, and several badges and information packs was send over to a Cub Pack in Australia, who we were sharing information with for part of the World badge. We also recieved similar items from Australia which were put on display for the Group to see.
This particular Pack night was the week before the District camp at Kibblestone to celebrate 75 years of Cub Scouting. Leaders in attendance were Paul Marks (CSL), Rose Marks (ACSL), Alan Booth (ACSL), Trevor Cotton (ACSL), Kay Booth (SA), Phil Marks (ACSL), Peter Smith (Quartermaster)
The Cubs can be seen planning for this camp, practicing pitching tents, packing a rucsac, first aid and checking their cameras.
Other notable things to mention, the Group had a minibus at this time, and, the bricks has arrived ready for building the store room.


In February the Cubs visited Jodell Bank

In March the Scouts stayed in a Youth Hostel in Wales where they explored part of the Offa’s

The Annual General Meeting was held on 12th March, attendees were Keith Ramsey (GSL), June Steed (chair), Kay Booth (Secretary), Alan Booth (CSL), David Williams (SL), Scott Ramsey (ACSL), Kevin Hogkinson (ASL), Fiona Dunn (BSL), Mike Allred. Apologies were recieved from Sue Durber (Tresurer) and Caroline Booth (ACSL). The GSL reported that it had been a difficult 12 months, a few Leaders has resigned and Young People numbers were reducing, the total Young Members was 65 compared to 170 a decade earlier. Due to a lack of income the decision was made to open up the building for external hiring, something that had not been done for the past 24 years, it was also decided to charge “subs” monthly rather than weekly as this would generate more income due to the number of “occasional” attendees.

Scout numbers were on a worrying decline and the future of the Troop was in question. The Venture unit also closed due to a disagreement over whether Venture Units should be independent of Groups and to be run at a District Level.

A number of “Recognitions of Service” were presented in April 1999, June Steed (Chair) – Medal of Merit, Peter Hembrow (a former GSL and lately a District SASU Member – Medal of Merit.

In May the Cubs went to Eccleshall to the Falconry Centre, the outing helped them earn them their World Wildlife Badge.

There were two joint Scout camps with Clayton Scouts in 1999, in May at the Scout house, where they played computer games, wide games and visited Water World and Quasar, and, in June at Kibblestone.

Also in June was the District Scout camp, held this year at Barnwood Scout Camp. The Scouts took part in several based on the Saturday and a cooking competition on the Sunday.

In the Summer, the Beaver Leader, Fiona Dunn, resigned upon accepting a post as a nanny in USA. Cathy Salt who was an ASL at the time, agreed to take on the role as BSL, to be assisted by Sarah Batt (ABSL).

There was a “Lads and Dads” activity weekend for Cubs, five Cubs attended.

In October three Scouts attended a District Millennium Challenge camp, the adverse weather resulted in the construction of a Millennium Dome having to be undertaken indoors.

In November the Cubs attended the District Swimming Gala and won the competition becoming District champions.

The year ended with the Scouts holding a Christmas Camp in December at the Scout House, the main activity was a hike over Kinder Scout to find the remains of the World War Two aircraft. The snow added to the enjoyment.


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