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With Jack Howes in the driving seat as Group Scout Leader 1980 began with all the Cubs, there were 69 in total, helping to clean up Hem Heath woods for their World Conservation badge, followed by a similarly themed camp at Kibblestone in the Spring, in the snow, where the boys made bird feeders, bird cakes and learned about extinction. By the middle of May all the Sections were full and there was a waiting list of 60 boys wanting to join Trentham Scouts, partly due to the popularity of the Group but also because there was an increase in housing construction in the area, many being taken up by young families.

The climax of the work the Cubs were doing for the World Conservation Badge was a public demonstration at Trentham Gardens, Cubs had to make a “Litter Bug” and several stands and posters. John, Andrew and Euan won the best Litter Bug competition. (shown below)

In October 1980 John Gallimore stepped down as Scout Leader Gold Troop due to lack of assistance and ran his last activity with the Scouts, a sponsored car wash.

A number of adult awards were handed out in December including Shiela Bennett – Wood Badge, Paul Marks – Scouter’s Warrant and June Steed – Invested.

Gold Pack Cubs 1980
CSL Peter Asbury / ACSL Paul Marks

Mr Paul Marks also began running “Film Shows” which were very successfully attended. Trentham won the District swimming gala with Gold Troop and Gold Pack winning the Scout and Cub sections.

On 13th December there was a Wrestling Demonstration by professionals Count Bartelli, Maurice Hunter and newcomer The Trentham Basher (ACSL Mr Paul Marks). Mrs Maureen Asbury and Mrs Gladys Shenton were the seconds. On the same evening the Rotary Club presented the Group with £300 worth of sports equipment and £200 from the City Council to help finish tarmacking the car park.

At the end of 1980 there still was no replacement for John Gallimore and the search was on for a replacements as Gold Troop was in danger of closing, it was being run by GSL Jack Howes assisted by Kevin Hodgkinson and John Stalker. Red Troop was being run by Keith Ramsey and John Finnemore. As there were no boys in the Venture Unit, most had left and gone to college, it was closed by VSL Mr John Boulton who returned the £135.52 petty cash to the Group . The Group President, Mr.Charles Strasser, left the Group at the end of 1980 as he was moving to Jersey.

In February 1981 there was another “Film Show” at the Scouthouse and the Cub Packs ran a “Great Blue Peter Bring and Buy Sale” raising £50 for the appeal.

 Gold Troop held a hike in Dovedale and visited Reynards Cave for their Scouts Own. The Group AGM was held on Thursday 5th March and in early April the Troops held a car wash at Maxims Car Park.

In May 1981, the Group attended an event at Kibblestone to welcome Chief Scout Sir William Gladstone. Each Group in the District were asked to portray a period in history, Trentham were Romans. A mosaic was made which the Chief Scout laid a few tiles (it still remains hung in the Scout House)


The Summer Fete, held in July 1981 at the Rugby Club, raised £350 and this year included a Dancing Troupe, Karate/Judo Demonstration, a Fire Engine and a Police Dog Demonstration. White Pack won the Cub Tug-o-war and Red Troop the Scouts. Also in July there was a celebration evening and BBQ to celebrate the Royal Wedding.

In the summer the 3 Cub Packs travelled by coach and enjoyed a day at Frith Beach, North Wales and 5 Cub Leaders gained their Pack Holiday licences; Mrs S Bennett, Mr P Asbury, Mr E Haycock, Mr P Marks and Mr P Salt.

During the summer break Peter Hall and Warren Bennett performed the herculean job of sorting out the attic at the Scout House. Also some Scouts completed a 12 mike hike to Kibblestone where Scott Ramsey, Ian Hughes, Nicholas Baggaley and Robert Howes obtained their Link Badges. Anthony Steed and Robert Howes also gained their Gold Arrow Awards.

In July 1981 the Cubs visited Port Vale Football Club where they cleaned the players boots as pert of their “Job Week”
8-year old Andrew Brown shown below in The Sentinel article, and, the Cubs on the pitch.

In the Autumn term on 1981 both Troops were represented at the District  5-a-side football competition, the Cub Packs had a series of Discos and the Scouts held a “Grand Christmas Dinner” for a few elderly residents of Trentham, including Mrs Phylliss Aliscomalder, the meal was prepared by the Scouts and included melon boat, roast turkey , Christmas pudding and after eight mints.

The Cubs also prepared 25 Christmas hampers and delivered to Senior Citizens at local care homes

In January 1982 a 4th Cub Pack was opened, Green Pack, run by Mr Chris Steed on Friday nights helped by Mrs Joan Hutson, who since moving into the area had been a District Cub Scout Leader. He was helped by Mrs Hutson, Mrs Jackson, Mrs Waters and Mr Brealey. During January and February there were a number of Saturday night discos, run by Leaders and the assistance of Tom and Sandra Heald. By this time Gold Pack Akela was Mr Paul Marks

In March White Pack welcomed Mrs Margaret Allcock as ACSL and the Group said goodbye to Exec Member John Hall who was leaving the District. The next few months saw a few more Leader changes, Mr John Allcock, Mr Trevor Cotton and Mrs Pritchard joined the Group, Mr P Salt took over as Akela Red Pack, Mr E Haycock moved to AGSL Cubs and Mr J Stalker took over as SL Gold Troop.

There was a father and son camp at Kibblestone the weekend of 22/23 May where the highlight was a Computer Treasure Hunt.

Gold Pack held a camp at the Scouthouse and visited Gladstone Pottery Museum to brew a cup of tea.

White Pack brewed tea, almost 600 cups, at a C.B rally at Park Hall, and, the whole Group started to make plans for the Group Show.

The Scout’s 1982 Summer Camp (run by GSL Jack Howes and Kevin Hodgkinson) was at Consell Scout Camp, the boys visited Alton Towers where they were filmed for TV programme “Hold Tight”

The 1982 Autumn term saw Green Pack receive their new “Cub Flag”, Gold Pack and Red Troop win the District Swimming Gala.

“75 Years On”
On 21st and 22nd January 1983 the Group put on a show called “75 Years On” at Trentham High School. Tickets were sold to parents and families at a cost of £1 or 50p concessions. The proceeds (£550) were used to help send two Scouts, Warren Bennett and Michael Salt, to the World Jamboree in July in Canada. It was named because it had been 75 years since Scouting was started by Baden-Powell.

Below is the Poster, Programme and Ticket……….

And here are some photos from the show…..

The Venture Unit re-opened in January 1983 and the year continued with several camps at Kibblestone for all sections, a Beetle Drive and Jumble Sale to raise money for Patrol Tent ground sheets, an AGM where the “Group Show video” was shown, two Scouts attending the Jamboree, a Summer Fayre, running a water station during the Potteries Marathon.

In July 1983 Gold Pack Cubs held a sleepover at the Scout House with a Pirate theme

Remembrance Parade 1993

Throughout December 83, the Group collected money for The Spastics Society, raising £36, and in return recieved a cloth Pennant.

In April 1984 both Jack Howes and Roger Jones announced their resignations as Group Scout Leader and Supporters Group Chair respectively. In May, Gold Pack held an Open Evening with a Canadian flavour. White Pack was joined by new leaders, Graham Morgan and Joe Foster. Money from the “Job Week” that year were put towards replacing the carpet in the Scout House which had been causing concern being “dangerous” and needed to be replaced at a cost of £950.

There was a District swimming gala on 18th February where Gold Pack won the under 11 medley, on March 18th there was a District Cub hike (Dimingsdale to Alton), in April a District St.George Parade at Stoke HQ, and two District Camp on 3rd/4th March and 12th/13th May.

In May 1984 White Pack welcomed 2 new leaders, Graham Morgan and Joe Foster and Warren Bennet recieved his Cub Scout instructor permit from District Commissioner Ron Harrison.

The Group held their annual open day / fete on Saturday June 2nd 1984 at the Scouthouse

In January 1985 Sheila Bennett took on the role of GSL and at the time had responsibility for some 167 members in 1 Beaver Scout Colony, 4 Cub Scout Packs, 2 Scout Troops, and 1 Venture Unit running of the following nights :
Mon 6.00-7.30 Cubs – Green Pack
Mon 7.30-9.00 Scouts – Red Troop
Tue 6.45-8.15 Cubs – Red Pack
Tue 8.15-10.00 Ventures
Wed 6.45-8.15 Cubs – Gold Pack
Thur 6.30-8.00 Cubs – White Pack
Fri 7.30-9.00 Scouts – Gold Troop

With a large Group came the need for more equipment, but, the small attic was full and it was decided to start to raise funds to build an extension to the building for a store room. One of the first fund raising plans was to put on another Group Show……..

Happy Days ’85, the name taken from the song, was the Group’s second show and Fred and June Amos and Jonathan Baddeley were brought on board to help with the choreography and musical guidance.

Here is the ticket and the programme………

A few photos…….


The Group attended the District St.Georges Day parade on Sunday 28th April, this year held at Trentham, where the members assembled in Trentham Gardens Courtyard at 4pm and marched with the Scout Band back to Trentham HQ. There were 250-300 attendees.

The Job Week over Easter took place again with most Cubs and Scouts taking part. Also in April the Cubs camped at Kibblestone in the Lair, the Ventures attended a County ideas day in Stafford and the Group took part in the District Gala Day at Michelin Sports Ground where Trentham Scouts demonstrated pioneering and camp cooking.

The rest of 1985 included a District 5-a-side football competition, St.George parade, Job Week, Cubs visited Longton Fire Station, a Safety Competition at Hartshill HQ. I September there was a scare over dangerous spikes in Cub Caps so all caps were inspected. Also in September the Venture Unit arranged talk about Drugs by the local crime squad, and, the Cubs won the fishing competition. Later in the year was a “Mums and Lads” Cub Camp at Kibblestone (the first of its kind as previous years had been “Lads and Dads !”),  a District cross country competition, Remembrance Parade, Autumn Fayre raising £300,  and a Parents evening.

On a financial note, Subs was collected in September, it was £12 per member; £6.35 for Capitation and £5.65 for the Group.

December 1985
Jeff Bennett invested into Ventures 
by Leader John Alcock

1986 was a special year for two reasons ….it was “Rainbow Year” for Cub Scouts as it was the 70th Anniversary……..

……..and the Scout Association officially announced the start of a new section in Scouting – Beaver Scouts. Beavers then wore grey speckled jumpers and turquoise scarves.

The year began with a few meeting cancellations due to bad weather. Cub Packs on Tues, Wed and Thurs changed their meeting times from 6.45 to 8.15 to 7.00 to 8.30.

In January there was a Group trip to the Palace Theatre in Manchester to see Babes in the Wood starring Les Dawson, Ruth Maddock, John Nettles and John Noakes.

Pat and Trevor Cotton moved from Gold Pack Cubs in April 1986, Pat (“Chestnut”) to run Trentham’s Beaver Colony and Trevor to run Green Pack Cubs. Gold Pack Cubs gained a new helper, Young Leader Chris Pinnock “Rambo”

“Rambo” – Chris Pinnock at camp 1985

In June 1986 all the Cubs attended the County “Rainbow Weekend” to celebrate the 70th year of Cubs, held at Stafford Show Ground. It was attended by the County Commissioner who arrived by helicopter.

Also in the year were several camps, AGM in March and the annual District events football, swimming, cross country, Home Safety competition, St.George Parade.

1987 began with another Group Show, again to try to raise funds for a building extension for storage. It followed the same format as the one 2 years earlier, with each section putting on a performance interleaved with sketches by Leaders. The closing of the first half was a camp fire and the finale saw the whole Group on stage singing songs such as Crest of a Wave and Happy Days.

Click image for the video of the whole show on YouTube

All participants were given a special woggle. During the rehearsals Gold Pack Cubs were joined Mr Alan Booth and shortly afterwards wife Kay.

The programme…….


Words and photos……


Cub Camp at Trentham Scouthouse 1987, Akela Paul Marks is in the yellow coat, ACSL Alan Booth can be seen running in the right hand photo and ACSL Mick Shaw just behind the white van. The Group were collecting waste paper at the time to earn funds to build an extension for storage.



Since 1972 the Group has sent representatives to the World Jamborees (which are held every 4 years) in countries such as Japan, Canada and Australia. In 1977 the Group hosted Scouts and Guides from Sweden at the First International Friendship Camp to be held at Kibblestone Scout Camp. Then in 1988 hosted a parted of Scouts and Guides from Notodden in Norway at the Fourth International Friendship Camp.

In 1989 the Scout Troop was invited to go over to Norway and join in with the National Camp of Norway at Skaugum just outside Oslo, followed by home hospitality afterwards,

(This was repeated again in 1992 when we hosted the Notodden Group at the 5th International Friendship Camp and in 1993 went over to the National Camp of Norway which was held at Eidskog this time. Which was followed by home hospitality back in Notodden)

In 1989 Keith Ramsey took over the post of GSL





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