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In April 1970 Mr.Boulton was pursuing the plans of the new HQ and preparing a cost estimate, the proposed construction would be a “Log Cabin” effect and a model was being made to aid publicity and fund raising. An estimate of £6,000 was later discussed but the “Log Cabin” effect was dismissed as impracticable.

The year began with two Scouts receiving their Chief Scout Awards, presented here by  DC Ron Harrison & GSL Robert Bell

Jan 1970 Two Scouts, Stuart Thomas & John Roberts receiving their Chief Scout Awards from DC Ron Harrison & GSL Robert Bell. Also in the photo Skip Peter Ward back row second from the right

Easter week saw the Scouts and Cubs making their annual fund-raising effort in the form of Bob-a-Job, however, this year the name of the event was changed to “Scout Job Week”. The Supporters Association held a jumble sale in aid of the building fund. The Cubs joined a District “Handicraft Competition” and made a prehistoric monster and a space station. The Venture Scouts did a practice hike in DovedaleTwo weddings took place in 1970 first was the marriage of Scout Master, Peter Ward, to Kathleen Mary Rowley, at All Saints Church, Milwich. where Trentham Scouts formed guard of honour at the ceremony. Also, Hellen Boulton (Rikko from Red Pack) married Neil Ecclestone (Skip fro 69th Sea Scouts) Cubs from 114th and 69th formed a guard of honour.

In May 1970 the Group held the AGM, during which there was a talk by District Secretary Bill Webster. New appointee to the committee were Mr.Johnston as Secretary. Derek Potter resigned as treasurer but one of his last duties was to confirm the total raised for the building project, £1,170

Throughout 1970 there were many “Building Fund” fundraising events, such as coffee evenings, autumn fayre, newspaper collecting

January 1971 began with some exciting news, for a number of years we had been looking for a piece of land in Trentham on which to build a Scout Headquarters. After many frustrated efforts we had finally succeeded, due mainly to the hard work of the previous sixteen months of Mr. Ron Boulton , and, subject to confirmation by the Local Authority, we would be leasing part of the land at the end of Churchill Avenue.

 The first part of 1971 saw our Scouts taking part in; Scout County Challenge (Scouts helped out at Hanchurch Children’s Home), District Road Safety Competition, a Cub Pack football competition (Gold 2 : 1 Red), Scout Job Week, St.Georges Parade (London Road Baptist Church, Stoke) a jumble sale and a “Father and Son” camp attended by Messrs. Buckley, Westwater, Bourne and Hodgkinson.

August 1971 saw Scout, Andrew Bell, achieve his Chief Scout Award, an article appeared in The Sentinel newspaper to congratulate him. Andrew joined the Cub Scouts in July 1965, in Leicester, and transferred to Trentham in July 1966. He agined his Leaping Wolf by the age of 10, in time, in fact, to enable him to switch over to the new training scheme and also gain the new top Cub Scout Badge – the Gold Arrow. He moved onto Scouts in April 1968 where he went on to achieve the Chief Scout Award


Finally to end 1971, a “Water Fayre” was held at 14 Earls Road, off Brough Lane.
The Vicar can be seen here opening the event.

1972 began with 8 Cubs moving to Scouts; from Red Pack, Stephen Ball, Paul Cartwright, Graham Crowe, Philip Liberson & Stuart Williams and from Gold Pack, David Deakes, Martin Ward and Mark Warrilow. During March the Cub and Scouts were presented with new flags “colours” during a special church parade, and in March the “AGM” consisted of a camp fire sing song for all attending.

The summer months saw the two Cub Packs hold a camp at Kibblestone in the Cub Lair and the Scouts held their annual week’s camp at Rydal Hall near Ambleside in the Lake District.

August 1972 – Scout Leader ‘Skip’ Ward being presented with his Wood Badge by the District Commissioner


In September the Cubs entered a Divisional ‘Win a tent’ competition, our Gold Pack won two ‘firsts’. They were both in the eight year old classes and were won by Lance Kimberley (collection) and Neil Halmarack (photographic) Gold Pack also played Trent Vale School at cricket and won. Mrs Pam Cutress and Mrs Frieda Ball, both ACSL of Gold and Red Packs, were elected as District Cub Scouters at the North Staffs Divisional Executive Committee.

In October 1972, the lease for the land in Churchill Avenue had been signed and plans for the “Scout House” were drawing to completion, but, cost estimates for the buildings were in excess of £17,000. The Group had only managed to raise £2,000, so, a massive appeal was instigated throughout Trentham and the local area. Brochures were printed and handed out to local residents and businesses and many adverts placed into local papers and magazines.

Newspaper Appeal :

 Brochure :

November 1972 saw the building fund at a massive £9,500 but still a long way to go to meet the £17,00 requirement. Two new leaders were enlisted to help in the Group, Mr Gordon Richards and Mr Jack Howes, both as Assistant Scout Leaders. The Scout Troop went on to win the District Swimming Gala that month.

The year ended with a Christmas Fayre (which should have been opened by Gordon Banks, but due to his illness, was opened by Geoff Hurst) and a Music evening in aid of the building fund

1973 saw a relentless effort by all members to raise funds, events were happening every week from cheese and wine evenings, Bavarian evening in the Roman Bar of Trentham Gardens, Photographic evening, Valentine’s Disco, fashion show, flower arranging evening, nearly new shop, jumble sale and a ‘Flamingo Boat Trip’ on the canal

March 1973 – Grand Cheese & Wine + Camp Fire 

During the AGM in March, if was announced that the Group had grown to 113 members and activities planned for the next few months were a visit to the blind home, a church parade, a Scout Camp in August and a Cub camp in October. Two new leaders were also introduced, Miss Carol Paterson, ACSL Gold Pack, and Geoff Massey, ACSL Red Pack. Mr Ron Boulton was thanked for all his support in the “building” project

Disappointing news came in May, it was hoped that a Local Authority Grants could provide the final money required to build the new premises, however news came that the ‘Education Authority Grant’ was cut and the ‘Department of the Environment Grant’ was more than halved, this left the fund about £2,500 short.

In June the Cubs took part in the District Sports Day event and Akela from Red Pack won the Egg & Spoon race. In Scouts, Peter Ward, Scout Troop Leader for 6 years, left the Group to take up a role in Stone District, a new Scout Leader, Richard Clarke was appointed.

In August, due to the increasing size of the group, Mr.Jack Howes was appointed to Assistant Group Scout Leader (Jack started as a Cub with the 14th Gateshead Group, becoming Sixer and as a Scout was a Patrol Leader and Troop Leader. He attended the Sutton Park Jamboree in 1958 and later took out a Warrant as Assistant Scout Master. He then took over the Troop as Scout Master and when the Group Scout Master left he also acted in that capacity until he left to take up a post in Peterborough. There he was Group Chairman for three years. Since moving to Trentham he has been in the role of Assistant Scout Leader, and now, our new AGSL


The Scouts held their Summer Camp at Longridge, the Scout National Water Activities Centre on the Thames at Marlow and in October the Cubs held a weekend camp in the Cub Lair at Kibblestone.

To end the year, there was a Flower Arranging Demonstration, a Remembrance Parade and Service, a Christmas Fayre and for the second year running a Christmas Carol Service, held in The Priory Middle & Infants School

1974 saw the group expanding faster than ever, partly because of the increasing population in Trentham but also the increasing popularity of the Group, with that in mind a third Cub Pack was opened, White Pack, led by Mrs Freida Ball (previouslt ACSL in Red Pack) The Cub Section would therefore be;
White Pack, Monday nights, Mrs. Freida Ball, Miss Margaret Robinson and Mrs Foster
Red Pack, Tuesday nights, Mrs Boulton, James Woolner, Peter Martin, Brenda Ford and Mrs.Barnett 
Gold Pack, Wednesday nights, Jim Shanahan, Miss Carol Paterson, Mrs Pam Cutress

There were also now two Scout Troops, Gold (led by Richard Clarke) and Red (led by John Boulton), both full to capacity and all achieving a vast array of badges and awards, for example Peter Bell was awarded his Chief Scout Award in March (above)

In June the Cub Packs took part in the District Inter-Pack competition. Trentham’s White Pack, seen above, took first place with the other Trentham Packs, Gold and Red coming second and third.

The competition was based on flags, maps, compass reading, country code and home safety.White Pack, left to right, are, Graham Etherington, Jeremy Smith, Jonathan Foster, Nicholas Shubotham and Richard Martin.

Other achievements for 1974 included; 
Gold Pack Cubs winning the County Rally at Kibblestone
Gold Troop Scouts won the District Father and Son competition at Kibblestone
Garry Gerrard and Andrew Jordan, of Red Pack Cubs, achieved their Link Badge
Scouts Richard Paul Swann and Angus Hossack gained their Chief Scout Award
Gold Pack spent a week at Chalfont Heights Scout Camp, at Gerrards Cross
Gold Troop Scouts camped for a week at Bellingham in the North Tyne Valley
Red Troop Scouts camped for a week at the Scout National Water Activities Centre at Marlow
Richard Swann, of Gold Troop, secured a place to attend the 1975 World Jamboree in Norway

The most exciting news for 1974, was, the new Scout House building work began. The groundwork was completed during May and June and the brickwork started to go up in July. A special foundation stone was laid in July by Mr Eric Breeze in July to mark the official start of construction. Progress was slow and the building and grounds would not be ready for occupation for at least 12 months.

May – June 1974 – Groundworks, foundations and steel frame erected :

On 20th July 1974, the foundation stone was laid by Mr. Eric Breeze O.B.E., a well known benefactor of Scouting, during a special ceremony. The event was attended by all members, parents, supporters and Scouting personalities.
Preb F.S.L Ramsden introduced Mr.Breeze after outlining the progress to date following nearly 10 years in the planning and thanking everyone who had helped, including Mr.Ron Boulton, who was also present despite a recent illness.
Mr. Ron Boulton told everyone that so far £21,000 had been raised which left £5,000 still needed. After Mr.Breeze had laid the stone, the Group Scout Leader, Robert Bell, announced that the Group membership was now 125 with 25 Leaders.

At the end of the year we were pleased to present Leader permits to Peter Martin, Yvonne Barnett, Brenda Ford (Red Pack), Anne Forster (White Pack), John Finnemore (Red Troop) and were happy to announce the marriage of John Boulton (Red Troop Scout Leader) to Fiona Sharpe (a member of the Red Cross)

There was also some sad news, Mr. Ron Boulton, our Building and Appeal Organiser, died. To honour the work he did to raise money and realise the dream of having a Scouting facility in Trentham the newly build headquarters would be named ‘The Ron Boulton Scout House’

At the end of 1974 the “shell” of the new building was complete and work started internally.

1975 began with a Jumble Sale, which raised £50, and a “Nearly New Sale”.

The AGM was held on 17th February, in the Church Hall, a presentation was given by Brian Billington, the Leader of the Staffordshire Contingent to the previous World Jamboree in Japan. It was also announced that Trentham’s Richard Swann would be attending the 1975 Jamboree, and, a third Cub Pack would be opening, White Pack. Special mention was alsogiven to 3 Cubs who earnt an RSPCA certificate for rescuing a dog, and, Christopher Bourne who became the city’s Child Cyclist of the year.

A new Treasurer was appointed, “Dusty” Miller who suceeded Mr.R.Hewett who had held the role for 10 years.

March and April 1975 saw the Cubs and Scouts doing their “Job Week” with proceeds going towards capitation and the new building. Scouts took part in a District Highway Code competition, which Gold Troop won.

On 19th/20th April the whole group went to Kibblestone for the very forst “Group Camp” it was an ambtious idea as there were so many members and it rained all weekend, but everyone enjoyed the event taking part in woggle making, kite flying, tent pitching, athletics, cooking and fire lighting. The camp was run by AGSL Mr Jack Howes.

In May, all the Group attended an activity day at Kibblestone, which also saw the first visit of Chief Scout Sir William Gladstone.

June saw 2 new Leaders join the Group, Mrs.Shield Bennett (ACSL White Pack) and Mr. John Gallimore (ASL Gold Troop) making the total number of Leaders up to 20 (see below chart)


After the summer break the three Cub packs stayed at Kibblestone Cub Lair for the weekend, during which it was announced that Gold Pack Akela, Jim Shanahan would be leaving. The role would be filled by Miss Margaret Robinson who had been with the Group for 3 years and had just completed her wood badge course at Gilwell.

4th October 1975 – Opening of the “Ron Bolton Scout House”

At long last the building was ready and was officially opened by the Lord Lieutenant of Staffordshire at 11am on 4th October. The building was named after the late Mr.Ron Bolton who was the driving force behind the building project. The final cost was £22,000 and it took 10 years to plan, raise funds and build.

Lord Lieutenant of Staffordshire, Mr.Arthur Bryan, opening the building with County Commissioner Peter Moxon and Trentham Vicar Preb. F.S.L Ramsden

1975 ended with several activities and weekend sleepovers at the new Scouthouse,such as Red Troop’s training weekend where they learnt mapping, pioneering and cooking. It also saw the opening of the new “Venture Unit” being run by Richard Swann. One of the Ventrue Units first tasks was to help tidy up the Scouthouse site, which wall all completed at the end of the year.

1976  started with the Venture Unit camping at Kibblestone on a very wet and cold February weekend. Red Troop also won the District Safety Competition for the second year running, led by ASL Gordon Richards.

At the AGM in March was the first to be held in the new building, a new Group President was announced, Mr.Charles Strasser. Dusty Miller reported that the Group was £2000 in debt and described the plan for parents to each loan the Group £20 for a year, interest free, to avoid paying the overdraft at the bank. A “Thanks Badge” were given to Chairman Mr.Ramsden

In April Philip Myatt and David Lambert were presented with their Chief Scout Awards. Red Troop gained a new ASL, Tony Morden. The annual “Job Week” took place w/c 17th April , and , for the very first time, the St.Georges Parade was held in Trentham Church. 

In June 1976, the Group held a Summer Fete, at the Rugby Field, Oak Tree Road, photos below :

The new term started in September 1976 with a camp by Gold Troop at the Water Activity Centre at Marlow-on-the-Thames. There was a Beetle Drive at the Scouthouse and on 4th October a Scouthouse 1 year anniversary celebration, during which Eileen Bolton stepped down as Red Pack Akela.

In December there was a “Twopenny Fair” for Cubs and their parents, the proceeds were presented to the Lord Mayors Appeal…

Finally, in December, Red Troop’s “Christmas Good Turn” was to provide a Christmas Dinner at the Scouthouse for ten elderly people, chosen by the vicar and Mr.Hudson……

1977 was the Queen’s Silver Jubilee and all members wore a special badge…..

In January another chapter in the story of Trentham Scouts ended. For years the Group made use of a room in the Courtyard in Trentham Garden, it was affecionately know as the Scout Room. It was initially used for Scout meetings, prior to moving to the Church Hall, latterly it was used for equipment storage and Venture meetings. Trentham Gardens now need the space so Trentham Scouts moved out in January 1977.

Bitterly cold nights and snow blizzards cancelled a number of meetings in February, but it didn’t hamper the fund raising effords which saw a Jumble Sale and a Bring and Buy / Coffee Evening being arranged.

The AGM in March was used to discuss a number of structual changes within Scouting, the “Group Council” was to be renamed “Group Executive Committee” which will look after the administration of the Group and the “Supporters Committee” was renamed “Group Council” which would be responsible for helping the Group in activities, fund raising etc. The debt had been reduced from £2000 to £865, which was all on intrest free loans from parents and friends. The following people were elected during this AGM :

Preident : Mr Charles Strasser
Chairman : Mr David Edwards
Vice Chairman : Mr Roger Jones
Secretary : Mr John Hall
Treasurer : Mr Dusty Miller
Assistant Treasurer : Mr David Swann
Other Exec Members : Rev Eric Hamlyn, Rev David Hudson, Mr Peter Ball, Mr Alan Vollam
Quartermaster : Mr Gordon Richards

In April the Group attended the “Daffodil Sunday” at Kibblestone, selected Cubs attended a camp at The Cub Lair and there was a District St.George Parade in Fenton.

May 1977 saw a few more parents joining the Group as Leaders, Mrs.Mifflin, Mr.Glyn Owens, Mr & Mrs Bill Hembrow and Mr & Mrs Eddie Haycock. The 1977 “Group Tree” is below :

In June there was a District “Project Weekend” at Kibblestone, both Troops competed in projects such as; sedan chair making, hike tent pitching, camp gadget making and gluider flying.

There was also a Queen’s Jubilee night at the Scouthouse for all members, parents and immediate neighbours which included a barbecue, Scouting demonstrations, campfire led by Keith Ramsey and Going-Up ceremony. During the event it was announced that the Chairman, Rev.Ramsden would be stepping down, he was presented with “The Chief Scout Award for Good Services” by the County Commissioner. Keith Ramsey also gained hi 15 year service award and Peter Martin was presented with a leaving gift as he was stepping down as ACSL Red Pack.

There was another Summer Fete in July, at the Rugby Field.

From 23rd July to 14th August there was an “International Friendship Scout Camp” at Kibblestone, over 1000 Scouts took parts from UK, Sweden, Holland, Germany and Canada. Both Trentham troops took part and some hosted a number of Scouts from Sweden.

The Ventures repeated their sailing week at Great Towers Lake Windermere in August, 13 attended and took parts in sailing, orienteering, canoeing and grass-skiing.

In November there was another Jumble Sale, a Remembrance Parade at Trentham Parish Church.

The year ended with the Group debt free due to a lot of hard work bu the Supporter’s Committee, however, fund raising was still to continue to replace the Scout’s camping equipment and raise money to tarmac the car park. However, the money raised from a number of fund raising efforts in early 1978 would be given to Hanford Scouts who’s building was damaged in a fire on 5th November.

In March 1978 the Group held a “Scouting through the Ages” event, including the AGM, during which it was announced the resignation of the Group Scout Leader Robert Bell. Mr Jack Howes was announced as his successor.

April and May saw more fund raising events such as a Pie and Pea supper, Jumble Sale and Fashion Show. The Fasion Show was presented by “Kays of Trentham” in the Parish Hall and was attended by parents of Trentham Cubs, Scouts, Brownies and Guides. The Group also welcomed new Cub Scouters Mrs Hamlyn and Mr Asbury and Mr Iwas Griffiths and Mr Neil Kidd

In June and July there was another Summer Fete at the Rugby Ground, raising £230, Mr Ramsey repaired all the tents, Gordon Richards renovated much of the camping gear, Mr John Finnemore was awarded his Wood Badge and took the full role of ASL Red Troop. Cub Marcus Asbury was selected to ride in front of Princess Anne at Scropton Riding School and First Aid Certificates were presented to Paul Salt, Richard Martin, Ian Clarkson, Michael Jones and Robert Tinsley. The Cubs attended the District Cub Camp at Kibblestone 10-11th June and the Scout Troops camped at the Scout Water Sport Centre in Marlow.

In October 13 new Leaders were invested into Trentham’s ranks and the Group was filling up very quickly with Scouts on Monday’s and Friday’s and Cubs Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. The Group held their first annual Swimming Gala at Fenton Manor with over 100 boys taking part, programme below….

Towards the end of 1978 Red Troop held another meal for the elderly for their “Christmas Good Turn” and plans were being put in place to fund raise for an extension to the building to give a much needed storage area, starting with a Christmas Fayre.

1979 would turn out to be as busy as the previous years, with Group numbers swelling more fund raising for equipment was required. January saw the Cubs attend a “Lads and Dads” camp at Kibblestone. Mike Bourne was replaced by John Gallimore as Gold Troop Leader.

4 new helpers started with the Cubs; Mr Paul Marks, Gold Pack; Mr Peter Salt, Red Pack; Mrs June Steed, Red Pack and Mrs Jayne Barclay, White Pack.

Scouts camped at Kibblestone in February and had a cooking competition, cooking a 3-course meal for their patrol judged on menu, serving and cleanliness. The Venture Unit held a disco at the Scouthouse in March and were congratulated on the result and the Group began a regular Thursday night swimming session at Trentham High School, being attended by around 40 boys and 5 Scouters.

The AGM in April was chaired by Chairman David Edwards, the Cubs demonstrated some of their skills and there was a short film from the previous year’s Scout camp at Marlow. It ended with a camp fire run by Mike Bourne and warents being awarded to P.Asbury, N.Kidd and K.Green. Also in April saw the Cubs camping at Kibblestone in the Lair, 28th April, and a joint Scout-Guide swimming Gala at Fenton Manor (the Guides won). Gold Pack visited the Lord Mayor’s Parlor and both Troops were planning their summer camp to be held in North Wales under the guidance of Keith Ramsey and John Gallimore.

In September the Scouts had returned safely from Snowdonia, although were quite wet most of the time they still enjoyed the hikes, trip on the Festiniog railway, joint campfire with a troop from Worcester.

During the Autumn term of 1979, Gold Pack held a sleepover at the Scouthouse making birdboxes, White Pack cooked sausages over open fires, Gold Pack held their Athletes Badge tests. Red Troop won the District swimming gala, all the Cubs took part in a cross country run (Ian Nicholas was first and John Lawrie third, both 9yrs old) Gold Pack were third in the team evet, well done to Mark Perry, Simon Asbury, David Cherry and Michael Cherry. Paul Ryles was awarded his Gold Arrow.

Mrs Freda Ball become AGSL helping Jack Howes by looking after the Cubs Packs, the replacement White Pack Akela was Mrs Shiela Bennett. Mrs Rose Marks began helping at Gold Pack Cubs.

The year ended with a joint Cub / Scout / Brownie / Guide carol concert on 20th December at Trentham Parish Church.


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  1. Really interesting read. My late Mum and Dad appear on one of your photos in the 1960-1969 section. It’s the photo from March 1969 with Ron Harrison receiving his wood badge. My Dad, Jim Morrey is on the right ( in his shorts ) and my Mum, Mildred is on the left behind the man receiving the award. They were Akela and Bagheera of a pack in Hanley that met at Twyford Hall. My Dad received the Silver Acorn at Windsor Castle and he was very involved with Kibblestone Camp. I’m pretty sure he was also Commisioner. Rev Ramsden moved to Solihull, where my parents and I moved to in 1978. They kept in touch. I have all his Scouting memorabilia still. He was friends with Wilf Burt. So lovely seeing their photo. Thank you 😁

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