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At the beginning of 1960 the group had 2 warranted Section Leaders — Wilf Burt as the Scoutmaster (Skip) and Eileen Boulton as the Cubmaster (Akela), assisted by several Assistant Leaders.

This photo was scanned from a Trentham Church booklet printed in 1960, the scout master on the right is Wilf Burt and man next to him is Reg Foukes. The Boy Scout front left is believed to be is Gordon Foukes who was the first Staffordshire Scout to get a Gold DofE award. The van parked behind tent which was Wilf’s first van. Location may have been Kibblestone, or a the top of Trentham Park where small fires were built to cook the roly polys which were then stuffed with jam.

To support the Leaders was the Group Committee, which was formed with the Rev. Frank Ramsden, the Vicar of Trentham, as chairman (a post which he held for 12 years) and former Scouts such as Peter Whitehurst as members.

Scouts still met in a room in the old courtyard at Trentham Gardens and The Wolf Cubs now met in the Parish Church Hall.

Members of the group in the Church Hall

The Group took part in many activities, such as the one below in 1964 – A Sports and Spring Fayre where the Group started at Stoke City’s football ground and parade to Stoke Jubilee Hall. The highlight was an opening speech by music hall comedy performer, Charlie Chester.

In 1965 Peter Hembrow was invited to become Group Scoutmaster, a post which had been vacant for over 2 years, immediately being drafted on to a Wood Badge preliminary course at Kibblestone Scout Camp (which was run by Marshall Amor “C.M.A.”)

Akela Eileen Boulton is awarded her Wood Badge by Peter Hembrow
A.Ecclestone / R.Boulton / Mrs.Beech / P.Hembrow / R.Beech / E.Boulton / Mrs.Harrison

There was a special ceremony held in the church hall in June 1965 to present Senior Scout Graham Burgess with his Queen’s Scout Award, the highest award possible for a Scout

Queen Scout Presentation to Graham Burgess
by County Commissioner Francis Bosson

Other Leaders quickly followed Peter’s Hembrow’s appointment. David Roberts and Sybil Hembrow as Assistant Cubmasters, David Lees as Assistant Scoutmaster and Rob Jorden as Senior Scoutmaster and in September 1965 Jim Plant formed the Rover Crew. In the same month Peter Brough took on the position as gearmaster and 2 more probationary Assistant Cubmasters, Helen Boulton and John Pools, joined the Group. It is also to note that at a District Weekend camp held at Kibblestone Scout Camp the Group had more members in camp than any other Group in the District.

October saw the opening of the “Fox Glen” shelter at Kibblestone Scout Camp, wooden carvings were made for the building by Trentham’s Scoutmaster Wilf Burt.

Fox Glen Opening

In January 1966, Peter Hembrow was promoted to District Commissioner for Stoke Central District and Rex Pease succeeded Peter, but only lasted until May 1966 as Group Scoutmaster.

Jim Burton, a member of the Group committee took over leadership of the Group on an acting basis after Rex Pease departure. but he left in October 1966 to take up a new appointment at his bank at Aston University. Robert Bell, having just moved into the area, was invited to become the Group Scout Leader and happily accepted. A position he held for 14 years until he left the area.

July 1966 Trentham Scouts took part in the
County Challenge at Kibblestone

On 10th September, 1966, Kibblestone Scout Camp opened The Cub Lair. Cubs from Trentham were invited to it’s opening. Below is the brochure handed out during the opening. The opening marked 50 years of Cub Scouting which began in 1916.

Click to open the brochure (pdf)

Throughout 1966 the 50th year of Cub Scouts was marked with several events, such as, a District concert named “Meet the Cubs in Jubilee Year” at The Mitchell Memorial Theatre on Saturday 2nd July and a Cub Day rally held at Kibblestone

On stage at The Mitchell Memorial Theatre

Baloo & Rikki (top) with Cubs at the Cub Day Rally

In September 1966 we took part in the District Swimming Gala, the Cubs won the breast stroke and came second in freestyle whilst the Scouts came 1st and 3rd in freestyle, 2nd and 3rd in breast stroke and 2nd in backstroke. 

January 1967, Scoutmaster Wilf Burt “Skip” was awarded the Medal for Meritorious Conduct to recognise his 12 years service with Trentham Scouts and his services to Kibblestone.

February 1967 saw significant name changes within the Group ……

Old Name New Name
Group Scoutmaster Group Scout Leader
Group Committee Group Council
Group Council Group Scouters Meeting
Cubmaster Cub Scout Leader
Wolf Cub Cub Scout
Scoutmaster Scout Leader
Boy Scout Scout
Senior Scouts  Venture Scouts 
Court of Honour Patrol Leaders Meeting
Local Association District Scout Council

In April 1967, “Skip”, Wilf Burt, relinquished his position as Scout Leader to take up a new role of Assistant District Commissioner, Leader Training. Mr.Ward took over as Scout Master.

In May 1967 – Mr.Bell (GSL) announced the amalgamation of Hanford and Trentham Scouts Group – the new proposed name being 72nd Priory Scout Group – Trentham’s Neckerchief would be kept and a new HQ would be built. This amalgamation was later cancelled as numbers in each group were increasing and Hanford managed to recruit a new Scout Leader.

Trentham’s Venture Scout Unit was formed in December 1967, comprising of all the Senior Scouts and Scoutmaster Bob Jordan. Our Venture Unit was the first unit to be created within the Stoke Central District and was self governing and self-programming.

Trentham opened a second Cub Pack in March 1968, called “Gold Pack”, the original Pack was called “Red Pack”. The new Gold Pack Akela was Jim Shanahan. He was assisted by Michael Potter and David Roberts. They began meeting on Saturday mornings, the only day the church hall was free.

June 1968 Red Cub Pack at the very first “District Football Competition”
Showing the First Place Trophy they won !

1968 end of year accounts

March 1969
District Commissioner, Mr Ron Harrison presents a Wood Badge to Group Scout Leader Robert Bell
Also in the picture ADC Wilf Burt and Vicar of Trentham Rev.Ramsden

May 1969 saw another first in the District by Trentham, the first Venture Scout Award was presented to Bill Hembrow by the District Commissioner. To achieve the award Bill took part in training under the headings of Responsibility, Self-Reliance, Activity and Exploration.

Autumn 1969 saw many activities such as a Cub Swimming Gala, in Stoke Baths, several members taking part in “Cavalcade”, a Scout Show held in the Mitchell Memorial Hall, a Lads and Dads camp at Kibblestone and a tree planting day at Kibblestone

                                                                                     Kibblestone Tree Planting Certificate

At the end of 1969 the serious problem of accommodation was discussed in a special Group Scouters meeting, the Scouts were still meeting in the Trentham Gardens Courtyard and the two Cub packs were meeting in the Church Hall. This was restricting activities as the Courtyard building was very small and the Church Hall was not available for any additional activities as it was in use daily.

It was agreed that fundraising was to be stepped up and a venue found as soon as possible. The hunt for more suitable premises began, the Group were considering purchasing the Hanford Primitive Methodist Chapel for conversion into a new HQ, but it was decided the location should be in Trentham.

Mr.Ron Bolton reported to the Group that a possible location had been found to build a brand new HQ, a piece of land opposite the Parish Hall owned by Trentham Golf Club.

Trentham Scouts and Cubs Supporters Association

In 1962 the Supporters Association was formed, initially chaired by the Curate at the time, Geoffrey Smith. Although the Group was never a sponsored church group, the church in Trentham had always been of great strength and support. Meetings initially took place in the “Graham Vestry”.

Throughout the 60’s as the Group grew in size and the “Supporters Association” began to raise funds for equipment and towards the end of the decade the new Scout Hut. They planned numerous events, such as Summer Fayres, Christmas Parties, Jumble Sales, Old Tyme Dances, Open Nights, Parades, Beetle Drives, Wine and Cheese Evenings, coffee mornings. The first task was to lay down the rules……

Association Rules

Notable events included :

March 1962 – Mr W Morris appointed as new Secretary

April 1962 – £10 raised from selling tea and refreshments after the St.Georges Parade

June 1962 – Sports Day & Fayre – Bottle Stall, Bowling, Egg&Spoon (Ladies), Running (Gents) – Prize was a tubular aluminium deck chair

November 1962 – Jumble Sale, 3d entrance

January 1963 – Fund balance £16.16.0d

May 1963 – Old Tyme Dance, Tickets 3/6, raising £11

December 1963 – Christmas Party – Guides were invited to attend for the the first time, 

May 1964 – Spring Fayre, included slideshow, cake stall, tin stall, jelly, sandwiches, balloons – it raised £32.8.5d

January 1965 – Fund Balance £84.10.5d

Recruitment Letter

February 1965 – £5 donated to Kibblestone for their “Cub Lair” project

May 1965 – Re-election of members…..
    Secretary – Mrs.R.H.Peers
    Treasurer – Mr.D.A.Potter
    Chairman – Rev’d F.S.L.Ramsden
    Other members – Mrs.Burgess, Mrs.Prior, Mrs.DeJager, Mrs.Cartledge, Mrs.Morris, Mr.Morris, Mr.Woolmer, Mrs.Woolmer, Mr.Hillman

June 1965 – Old Tyme Dance, raised £9

September 1965 – Coffee Evening, tombola, bring & buy produce stall, card stall, white elephant stall – 200 people attended

February 1966 – Buffet and Dance at The Trentham Hotel – incurred a £6.19.0d loss

May 1966 – The Association began fundraising for a new HQ

July 1966 – Autumn Fayre planned, Marshall Amor invited to open it

November 1966 – Fund Balance £338.7.7d

January 1967 – Jumble Sale and Coffee Morning

March 1967 – Open Night – Camp Fire followed by a Cup of Tea (see pic below)

April 1967 – Cheese and Wine evening

September 1967 – Jumble Sale and Autumn Fayre (stalls were cakes, bagatelle, bring&buy, skittles, roll-a-penny, pears in a jar, white elephant, raffle, bottle)

December 1967 – Fund Balance £593.2.5d

May 1968 – Jumble Sale, proceeds going to The Venture Scouts Post Fund

July 1968 – Barbecue held in the field next to Hissey’s Garage

November 1968 – Autumn Fair – stalls included Cubs (Xmas Craft), Scouts (Tombola), Ventures (Information)

December 1968 – Fund Balance £851.9.1d

February 1969 – Fish and Chip Supper (see pic below)

March 1969 – Dinner Dance at The Old Vicarage Hotel, Holmes Chapel

April 1969 – Coffee Evening (see pic below)

May 1969 – Members were Mr.D.Hill (Chairman), Mr.P.Woolmer (Vice Chairman), Mr.D.Potter (Treasurer), Mr.J.Johnston (Secretary), Mrs.DeJager, Mrs.Hopkinson, Mrs.Oliver, Mrs.Prior, Mrs.Osborne, Mrs.Morris, Mrs.Woolmer, Mr.Bourne, Mr.Phillips

September 1969 – Bring and Buy Autumn Fayre (see pic below)

At the end of 1969 the fund had reached £1,000


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  1. I found this very interesting. My brother was in the Trentham scouts during the 60’s and 70’s. His name was Carl Ward and he is on a few of the photos. Many of the names bring back memories. I helped Jim Shanahan on a Saturday morning with the gold pack along with his daughter Libby. My mother (Mrs B Ward) also helped with the massive task of fund raising for the new scout hut off Churchill Avenue. Many meetings were held in our front dining room to discuss forthcoming fundraising events.

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